Hi there!  I'm Diana and I'm an artist who draws with fabric and thread.  This site is home to my growing portfolio of illustrations, which combine of a few of my favorite things:  sewing, color, texture, and anything that makes me feel nostalgic.  In case you'd like to see a bit more, you can head over to my Instagram.
My varied creative career spans 19 years (and counting!), and has followed a path from fashion
designer, to entrepreneur, to teacher.  The 'common thread' (if you will) among all of my
endeavors is sewing.  I currently teach sewing to children and adults, which is a welcome
opportunity to draw upon and share all of my experiences.  When not teaching, I am creating
collections of illustrations in fabric, inspired by memories from my childhood (the mid 70s through
the late 80s).
Nostalgia, or at least what makes me feel nostalgic, is my favorite subject because it inspires
such awesome engagement with the audience.  I love when people can relate to my work and
share their stories and experiences.  Also, I just like making fun stuff.   

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